RONSE Lighting Unveils Cutting-edge Designs at the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2023

The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2023 has commenced with a burst of energy, and at the forefront of this dynamic event is RONSE Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth 3B D17 19 21). Their presence is nothing short of spectacular, featuring an impressive array of new products that has set the exhibition ablaze. Join us as we delve into the vibrant scene through the lens of our reporter.

I. Illuminating the North American Standard

Discover an array of ETL certified products, including track lights, ceiling lights, and the latest addition to our collection – pendant lights.

II. Aisle of Wonders: New Supermarket Display 

Embark on a journey through the Angel 5 series, Superman series, and Honour series, boasting exceptional luminous efficiency. Based on the success of the Angel series, RONSE Lighting Engineering Team introduces the upgraded Honour series linear lights in a design that is not only more concise but also accentuates a heightened sense of lines. Collaborating closely with suppliers, the team has incorporated higher luminous efficiency light sources and stable drivers, reaffirming our commitment to providing customers with top-tier lighting solutions.

III. Magnetic Allure: Track Lights, Downlights, and Beyond 

Step into innovation with RONSE Lighting's ultra-thin magnetic system, measuring a mere 5.5mm in thickness. This installation marvel eliminates the need for pre-drilling, making it exceptionally suitable for light renovations in residential and commercial spaces. The ultra-thin magnetic adsorption system spans various products, from linear lights to grille lights, spotlights, and pendant lights. Opt for RONSE Lighting for a choice synonymous with superior quality.

The atmosphere is electric with excitement as a steady stream of customers engage in animated discussions, reflecting the undeniable allure of RONSE Lighting's groundbreaking designs at the exhibition.

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