Overview of the Lighting Market - 2023

Lighting appliances are essential for the national economy's development and people's daily lives. With continuous regional economic growth and an improved standard of living, the demand for lighting appliances in the market is steadily increasing. Fashionable, personalized, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures have become a new trend in home decoration. The demand for personalized lighting fixtures in the market is on the rise, and colors and designs are becoming more diverse. It is known that some lighting manufacturers have introduced integrated light strips that can be customized with features such as Bluetooth speakers, and even integrated with central air conditioning and air purification systems. Integration with home environments is the future direction of lighting fixtures.

The functions of lighting fixtures are increasingly subdivided, gradually giving rise to fixtures suitable for different scenarios, such as twilight lamps, writing lamps, daylight lamps, dinner lamps, floor lamps, stage spotlights, and more. In addition to products with various functions, businesses have also developed lighting decoration series specifically designed for children. The incorporation of energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and high-tech elements is also a major direction in the development of lighting fixtures.

The industrial and commercial lighting sector is the largest application area for smart lighting, accounting for approximately 57.2%, followed by residential lighting at 21.4%. Smart lighting offers energy savings, group light control, adjustment of brightness and color temperature for different scenarios, and integration with other smart appliances such as smart locks and curtains, all while being energy-efficient. We believe that the lighting industry will continue to advance towards digitization and smart technology.

LED, known as the fourth-generation lighting source or green light source, finds extensive applications in various areas, including indicators, displays, decorative devices, backlighting, general lighting, and urban nightscapes. Despite its relatively higher price, LED lighting offers higher luminous efficiency and longer lifespan, with minimal impact on the environment and human health, making it a favorite among consumers.

Since its establishment in 2010, RONSE Lighting has been dedicated to producing commercial LED lighting fixtures. With a wealth of manufacturing experience, it strives to create high-end products and provide customized lighting solutions to customers. RONSE Lighting has witnessed the transition of the LED lighting industry from prosperity to stable growth, while also recognizing the growth opportunities presented by smart lighting, health lighting, and plant lighting. In 2023, RONSE Lighting will continue its transformation towards digitization and smart technology, driving improvements in manufacturing, upgrades in product forms, and reforms in sales models to deliver superior products and services to global consumers.

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